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The Pasture Listing Service is co-ordinated through the Manitoba Agriculture forage program

To add a listing, Download Form (Word Doc), and contact your local Manitoba Agriculture GO Office .


100 head, cow/calf pairs or stocker cattle Rolling Acres Colony - Birnie (north of Neepawa) Daniel Hofer 841-3360   headgate and chute, complete sorting facility, winter facility, 3 loose housing sheds, pens and lots of water

Pasture for Rent

Association of Manitoba Community Pastures:

The Association of Manitoba Community Pastures (AMCP) will be operating the following former PFRA pastures: Alonsa, Gardenton-Pansy, Langford, Lenswood-Birch River, McCreary, Mulvihill, Narcisse, Pasquia, Sylvan-Dale, Bield, Ethelbert, Cote-San Clara, Spy Hill-Ellice, Ellice-Archie, Wallace, Turtle Mountain and LIbau. Grazing applications for the 2017 grazing season are being accepted now.  To receive an application or for more information please contact 204-868-0430 or email: or visit the Website:


  Listings separated into Northwest, Southwest, Central, Interlake, Eastern regions and Other Provinces.


Capacity Acres Location Name Contact Cell/email Comments

22 cow/calf pairs
14 horses

160 ac near Sifton A Clark 657-2227 Natural pasture and 1/2 bush. 4 strand barbed fence, dugout.
353 Animal Unit/ Month, cow/calf, stocker cattle or horses about 10 miles NE of Birch River Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation - Dan Soprovich 734-3054 or 236-4201 mixed pasture, 3 strand barbed, cross fenced, dugout & other water source. $120 per cow/calf subject to length of time on pasture.
horses   Binscarth Rick Cook 532-2236   has living quarters for someone while boarding horses
sow/calf pairs or stocker cattle Dauphin Wilf Kacharowski 572-4707 tame pasture no alfalfa, 4 strand barbed fence, dugout with troughs, supervision only, complete sorting facility, 2 Animal Unit Months
40 + Dauphin District, SW 3-26-18 Jim Mulligan 647-4816 unimproved pasture, 3 strand barbed fence, dugout, cow/calf pairs or stocker cattle, headgate and chute, $0.30/day/animal
60+ cow/calf pairs 350 ac, 3 parcels Dauphin area Lorne Misanchuk 638-6583 Tame pasture with alfalfa, 4 strand barbed fence, natural improved water, water bowl on one parcel, no management, coral on one parcel, $25/acre
60 cow/calf pairs Ethelbert
NE, NW, SW 22-29-21 W
Jim Pziuk 648-3859 bush pasture, fence will require some repair, dugout, price negotiable
180 pairs   Minitonas Lyle Lumax 525-2263   mixed pasture, 3 strand barbed fence, dugout, cow/calf pairs
40 cow/calf pairs   Minitonas Darryl Lumax 525-4273   mixed pasture, 3 strand barbed, dugout
cow/calf, stocker cattle, horses 60 acres 8 miles of north of Pine River Dennis Bartko 204-263-2636 mixed tame and wild grass,4 strand barbed & electric, 3 dugouts, supervision optional, steel panel corral & loading facility, price negotiable
15 cow/calf pairs Roblin Gary Zimmer 937-2844 fenced
60 cow/calf pairs Rorketon Eric Styner 780-235-6293 unimproved pasture, 3 strand barbed, dugout, $75/pair
10-12 cow/calf pairs   Russell
South Parkland
Adolph Greisberger 773-2740   Pasture type: mixed
Fencing: 3 strand barbed, dugout, $500 per season
100 grassers or 50 cow/calf pairs 200 acres Sclater area Bian Hughes 204-263-5412 Mostly grass pasture, fenced and cross-fenced, 3 dugouts and corrals.


Capacity Acres Location Name Contact Cell/email Comments
150/175 cow/calf pairs, 300 feeders   RM of Archie
Chris Sykes 722-2274   tame pasture with Alfalfa and unimproved
Fencing: 3 & 4 strand barbed, electric, cross fenced/rotational,
dugout, well with troughs, pasture pipeline, supervision, salting and medical, complete sorting facility
30 cow/calf pairs   Brandon Bill McTavish 724-0895   Unimproved pasture, electric fence, complete sorting facilities
 100 ac, 80 ac, 80 ac, 160 ac and 1 sm for 14-15 pair 12 miles west of Brandon, NE 11-10-21 Olga & John Habok 752-2018   tame no alfalfa & bush pasture, 3 strand barbed, cross fenced, dugout, cow/calf pairs or stocker cattle
  100 ac Brandon Gary/Ken 761-5527 (Gary) 729-1610 (Ken) native pasture (some bush) just south of Maple Leaf (may need some fencing repairs)
 10 cow/calf pairs or 15 yearling animals  horses preferred NW of Brandon Murray Sangster 728-7489

Natural pasture, page wire fence with 1 string of barbed on top, well with waterbowl,
complete sorting facilities 
$1/head/day or $25-$30/month per head

80/hd   Boissevain PFRA Rick Denbow 534-2333  n/a

Only specific breed spots available.

200 cows   Cypress River Brad Anderson 743-2020 Custom feeding for up to 200 cows (not custom calving ) or backgrounders
10 cow/calf or 20 yrlngs 35 ac Deloraine, NW 36-4-24 W1 Larry Maddess 747-4277 Native pasture, 4 strand barbed, dugout, supervision,chute that needs portable panels
90 cow/calf pairs Douglas Gordon Beddome 763-4773   cow/calf pairs, interested in leasing pairs for a year
cow/calf, stocker cattle   Killarney Thelma Rollins 523-8872   bush pasture, antive, 3 strand barbed,
8-10 pairs 55 ac Killarney Thelma Rollins 523-8872 slough water source has always supplied enough water, fence needs new wire, free rent for this year if you put up wire/repair fence
10-12 pairs 70 ac Killarney Thelma Rollins 523-8872 well water supply, p-ump required, some fence repair required. Asking $1,000/season, open to offers.
 40 ac Oak Lake (PR #254 N) Greg Williams 855-3095 gecjw@
mixed pasture with 4 strand and electric fence, dugout and trough with well water, supervision only, complete sorting facilities
25-30 animals Pipestone (8 miles S) Melvin Hodgins 522-3620 Unimproved pasture, 3 stranded barbed, dugout
55 cow/calf pairs  320 ac Pipestone Allen Marsh 854-2912  

Pasture for the summer, supervision available

60 pairs - Short Term-Yard Yard & corrals Pipestone Allen Marsh 854-2912   Short term holding in farm yard & has wild prairie grass hay for sale
25-30 cow/calf pairs Rossburn David Barnesky 859-2455  


Capacity Acres Location Name Contact Cell/email Comments


Capacity Acres Location Name Contact Cell/email Comments
50-60 Cow/calf pairs with rotational grazing 800 ac Fraserwood/ Meleb area Adam Donohoe 204-641-4867 aprox 400 open, 400 bush all attached. All fenced and cross fenced high tensile electric. Water lines and dugouts. Portable loading chute and large panels for corrals. No headgate. $0.55/animal
80 cow/calf pairs or 120 yearlings 400 ac Hilbre, north of Ashern Rebecca Bankert 449-2182 ph/fx mostly open grass pasture cross fenced into 4 blocks, lots of dugouts. Price is negotiable.
cow/calf pairs 3 miles west of Silver David Klassen 364.2766 unimproved bush pasture, 3 & 4 strand barbed fence, dugout, 40 animals per 4 month grazing season, $1/animal
100 cow/calf pairs 13 miles NE of St. Laurent Frieda Krpan 646-2543 fenced and cross fenced, $0.75/pair/day



Capacity Acres Location Name Contact Cell/email Comments
30 stocker cattle 50 acres Beausejour Roy Peitsch 268-1888   Mixed pasture, electric fencing, well, stocker cattle
cow/calf pairs 152 ac Beausejour Roy Peitsch 268-1888   mixed pasture, no fencing, dugout, cow-calf pairs or stocker cattle
100 cow/calf pairs 300 ac Beausejour Shawn Buss 268-4211 999-5798 pasture, 3 strand barbed & electric, needs to be checked, well & trough, will supervise, has tractor to acess feed
30 cow/calf pairs   RM of Franklin, along Hwy 59 South of Wpg Joyce Peters 427-2836 712-5332 bush and unimproved pasture, unsupervised, cross-fenced (needs to be checked), dugout with troughs, headgate and chute, also has a house, garage and barn on land
20 cow/calf pairs 90 acres Gardenton Doug Penner 712-0428 or text mixed pasture, fence needs repairs, dugout, $500
60 cow/calf pairs   Gardenton John or Robert Podolsky 935-5200 797-7515 tame no alfalfa, 4 strand barbed, 2 dugouts, headgate & chute
  100 ac Lac du Bonnet Paul MacIntosh   mcintp1
Half bush, three dugouts, posts with insulators up, wire availble but must be installed and corners done
  100 acres McMunn Elaine Grymonpre 783-7161 261-1519 Mixed pasture with some 3 strand barbed fencing available for cow/calf pairs and horses, trough
275 cow/calf pairs OR 400 yearlings 1150 ac Piney Derek Barrows 437-4671   mixed natural with some bush, total of 8 quarters all fenced (4 strand barbed and electric) with access to water (well with troughs and ditch), supervision and complete sorting facilities (managing services negotiable).
  152 ac River Hills
SW18-13-12 E
Debbie McLean 345-3166   unimproved pasture, 3 stran barbed & 1 electric, dugout & ditch, cow/calf pairs and stocker cattle
80 cow/calf or 100 cows 80 or 5 quarters Camp Neustad Rd., St. Annes Ed & Jackie Goodman 642-5771   Bush Pasture, Mixed
3 Strand barbed fence
SPR Page Wire, Lg Dugout, Supervision, Price Negotiable
50 cow/calf pairs, horses or stocker cattle 6 miles east of Ste Anne on Old Dawson trail Gerard St. Hilaire 422-9082 tame no alfalfa, unimproved, bush pasture, 4 stranded barbed, dugout, cow/calf pairs, stocker cattle, horses
20 cow/calf pair 90 ac RM of Stuartburn NE 8-1-6E Doug Penner 712-0428   mixed pasture, 4 strand barbed (needs improvements), dugout & water system, corral/loosehousing
    Sprague Cedric Johnston 772-2569   Native, 2 strands electric fence, no water on site,no pigs, free - may have to pay taxes
250-300 cow/calf 1000 ac Vassar Sean Barrow 437-4671   pasture available, fenced, water source
20 cow-calf pairs   Vita Dave Yodder 906-353-7991  

2 stranded electric, dugout, any type of livestock 4 month grazing, $450/season

100 cow/calf pairs, stocker cattle Vivian Jim Lintott 444-2814 or cell 612-6131 jclintott@high
tame pasture no alfalfa, electric, cross fenced, well with troughs, portable handling facilitiies, $0.90/day

Other Provinces

Capacity Acres Location Name Contact Cell/email Comments


Pasture Wanted


Contact Information

Delmer Nott

Poplar Point
pasture for 20 cow/calf pairs within 100 KM radius of Portaage la Prairie
Frank Lasson


pasture for 20-25 cow/calf pairs

Jerry Luba

204-773-3252 h, 204-859-0253 c

Pasture for 50 pairs; good water source and proper fence. From June 1 - Oct, 2017 in the Inglis - Russell area.

Mike Sveistrup 204-768-3098, Vogar MB Looking for pasture for 150 cow/calf pairs for 2017 season. Pasture does not need to hold all 150 pairs.
Clayton & Jerry Luba

Clayton cell 204-859-0253,
Jerry 204-773-3252

Pasture wanted for 60 cow/calf pairs within a 75 km radius of Angusville.
Jim M. Smith 204-362-8720 Winkler
Pasture wanted for 10 cow/calf pairs, tame no alf, improved, bush or mixed pasture
Cheryl McPherson 204-736-2878 Sanford
Pasture wanted in central or south east Manitoba, for  60 cow/calf pairs, tame with or without alfalfa or mixed pasture
Maureen Johnson 204-240-7230
1 horse, bush pasture, grass or mixed
Fred Dane 834-3952
Pasture Wanted:
15 Cow/calf pairs
Carrying Capacity: 15 AUM
Michael Hofman Newdale

Mixed pasture wanted in South East Manitoba
Cow/calf pairs, water, handling facilities & supervision

Oliver Toews    204-427-3072           
pasture for 250 cow/calf pairs, wanted for the 2018 grazing season
Andrew Somers 204-476-0429

Northwest Manitoba

Birnie/Eden Area

pasture for the 2018 grazing season for 50 cow-calf pairs / 50 heifers