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Manitoba Agricultural Regions Map (PDF 210KB)

Metric Conversion Factors (PDF 136KB)


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Manitoba Crop Production (PDF 140KB)
Production Value - All Crops (PDF 138KB)
Production Value of Grains (PDF 139KB)
Wheat Production in Manitoba (PDF 141KB)
Oat Production in Manitoba (PDF 140KB)
Barley Production in Manitoba (PDF 141KB)
Rye Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Mixed Grains Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Grain Corn Production in Manitoba (PDF 140KB)
Production Value of Oilseeds (PDF 137KB)
Canola Production in Manitoba (PDF 141KB)
Flax Production in Manitoba (PDF 140KB)
Sunflower Seed Production Manitoba (PDF 140KB)
Soybean Production in Manitoba (PDF 137KB)
Production of Other Crops in Manitoba (PDF 140KB)
Buckwheat Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Canary Seed Production in Manitoba (PDF 138KB)
Dry Bean Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Dry Pea Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Fababean Production in Manitoba (PDF 138KB)
Lentil Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Mustard Seed Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Hemp Production in Manitoba (PDF 136KB)
Wild Rice Production in Manitoba (PDF 138KB)
Fodder Corn Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Tame Hay Production in Manitoba (PDF 140KB)
Production Hort, Forage Crops (PDF 137KB)
Potato Production in Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Vegetable, Fruit Production (PDF 140KB)
Primary Elevator Capacity (PDF 137KB)
Marketings of Major Crops (PDF 136KB)
Major Grain Stocks on Farms (PDF 136KB)
Grain Used On-Farm for Feed (PDF 136KB)
Grain Used On-Farm for Seed (PDF 136KB)
Major Crop Supply-Disposition (PDF 143KB)
Seeded Area by Region (PDF 146KB)
Average Yield by Region (PDF 162KB)
Crop Production by Region (PDF 180KB)
Operating Costs Crop Production (PDF 180KB)
Cost Crop Production incl Labour (PDF 144KB)
Wheat Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Spring Wheat Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Winter Wheat Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Oats Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Barley Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Rye Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Canola Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Flax Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Major Grains and Oilseeds (PDF 137KB)
Dry Peas Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Sunflower Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Canary Seed Production by Region (PDF 137KB)
Tame Hay Production by Region (PDF 136KB)
Summerfallow by Region (PDF 136KB)
Potato Production (PDF1360KB)
Vegetable Production (PDF 140KB)
Fruit Production (PDF 136KB)
Vegetables, Ornamentals, Fruits (PDF 136KB)
Forage Seed Production (PDF 142KB)
Specialized Seed Production (PDF 139KB)
Certified Potato Production (PDF 137KB)
Supply-Disp'n for Major Crops (PDF 137KB)
Producer Major Crop Marketings (PDF 138KB)
Grain Storage Capacity (PDF 136KB)
Grain Stored in Country Elevators (PDF 139KB)
Days for Crop Maturity (PDF 136KB)
Base Temp - Selected Crops (PDF 136KB)
Farm Input Price Indices (PDF 136KB)
Farm Product Price Indices (PDF 136KB)
Farm Cash Receipts (FCR) (PDF1390KB)
Farm Expenditures (PDF 137KB)
Farm Income Summary (PDF 136KB)
Farm Capital Investment (PDF 136KB)
Farm Debt Outstanding (PDF 136KB)
MACC - Bank Interest Rates (PDF 138KB)
Canadian Exchange Rates (PDF 136KB)
Farm Input Price Index Manitoba (PDF 136KB)
Farm Input Price Index Western Canada (PDF 136KB)
Farm Input Price Index Canada (PDF 136KB)
Farm Product Price Index Manitoba (PDF 139KB)
Farm Product Price Index Western Canada (PDF 137KB)
Farm Product Price Index Canada (PDF 139KB)
Historical Farm Cash Receipts (PDF 137KB)
Historical Crop Receipts (PDF 137KB)
Historical Livestock Receipts (PDF 137KB)
Historical Farm Expenses (PDF 139KB)
Historical Farm Income (PDF 139KB)
Net Income, FCR per Farm (PDF 137KB)
Historical Capital Investment (PDF 137KB)
Historical Farm Debt (PDF 139KB)
US Dollar Exchange Rates (PDF 139KB)
Cattle-Calf Production Manitoba (PDF 137KB)
Cattle Prices by Wgt Class (PDF 22KB)
D1,2 Cow Prices (PDF 72KB)
Steer Prices (PDF 72KB)
Feeder Steer Prices (PDF 74KB)
Steer Calf Prices (PDF 67KB)
Cattle-Calves Slaughtered (PDF 66KB)
Cattle Slaughtered by Month (PDF 17KB)
Cattle Prices by Weight Class (PDF 37KB)
Cattle Prices by Month Feeders (PDF 79KB)
Cattle Prices by Month Steers and Calves (PDF 77KB)
Cattle Numbers on Farms (PDF 24KB)
Hog Production in Manitoba (PDF 1137KB)
Index 100 Hog Prices (PDF 72KB)
no 1 Sow Prices (PDF 73KB)
Weanling Pig Prices (PDF 33KB)
Hogs Slaughtered (PDF 66KB)
Hogs Slaughtered by Month (PDF 23KB)
Weighted Average Hog Prices (PDF 81KB)
Weanling Pig Price Ranges (PDF 43KB)
Pig Numbers on Farms (PDF 27KB)
Sheep, Lambs, Wool (PDF 137KB)
Sheep Numbers on Farms (PDF 19KB)
Sheep, Lambs Slaughtered (PDF 18KB)
Dairy Production in Manitoba (PDF 27KB)
Vol Milk, Cream Sold Off-Farm (PDF 20KB)
Milk, Cream Sales Off-Farm (PDF 110KB)
Dairy Factory Production (PDF 109KB)
Poultry Production in Manitoba (PDF 57KB)
Poultry Production (PDF 136KB)
Poultry Prices (PDF 105KB)
Livestock Production (PDF 136KB)
Production Value Livestock (PDF 139KB)
Livestock Prices by 100 Kg (PDF 51KB)
Livestock Prices per CWT (PDF 50KB)
Other Livestock Production (PDF 19KB)
Livestock Slaughtered (PDF 39KB)
Livestock on Farms (PDF 46KB)
Livestock on Manitoba-Cdn Farms (PDF 32KB)
Weather Record by Year (PDF 138KB)
Historic Seasonal Data (PDF 137KB)
Quantity of Agri-Food Exports (PDF 189KB)
Value of Agri-Food Exports (PDF 190KB)
Value of Agri-Food Imports (PDF 192KB)
Quantity, Agri-Food Imports (PDF 194KB)
Shipments of Fertilizer (PDF 136KB)
Food-Beverage Shipments (PDF 139KB)
Food Manufacturing Exports (PDF 136KB)
Agric Value Added Account (PDF 136KB)
Historical Agri-Food Exports (PDF 142KB)
Historical Agri-Food Imports (PDF 144KB)
Agri-Food Exports - Country (PDF 227KB)
Agri-Food Exports - States (PDF 143KB)
Agri-Food Imports - Country (PDF 137KB)
Agri-Food Imports - States (PDF 143KB)
Historical Sales of Fertiizer (PDF 138KB)
Manitoba Other Products (PDF 108KB)
Fur Sales (PDF 132KB)
Honey Prices, Production (PDF 40KB)
Leafcutter Bees, Alfalfa Seed (PDF 109KB)
Other Farm Products (PDF 113KB)
PMU Production (PDF 134KB)
Fur Production (PDF 136KB)
Honey, Beeswax Production (PDF 125KB)
Capital Investment per Farm (PDF 136KB)
Value of Farm Capital (PDF 136KB)
Value of Farmland+Buildings (PDF 136KB)
Farm Machinery Numbers (PDF 136KB)
Historical Value Farmland+Bldgs (PDF 136KB)
Historical Machinery on Farms (PDF 136KB)
Historical Sales Farm Machinery (PDF 138KB)
Land Use by Area (PDF 137KB)
Size and Number of Farms (PDF 136KB)
Farms by Farm Type (PDF 136KB)
Farms by Farm Type - Region (PDF 137KB)
Percent Crop-Livestock Farms (PDF 136KB)
Farms by Operator Type (PDF 136KB)
Farm Operator Characteristics (PDF 74KB)
Wages for Agricultural Labour (PDF 135KB)
Historical Farm Area & Land Use (PDF 74KB)
Historical Farm Numbers & Size (PDF 136KB)
Historical Farm Area by Tenure (PDF 136KB)
Permit Holders (PDF 136KB)
Farm and Total Population (PDF 136KB)
Historical Farm Operators (PDF 136KB)
Off-Farm Employment (PDF 136KB)
Manitoba Agricultural Regions (PDF 122KB)
Wheat Area (PDF 812KB)
Barley Area (PDF 813KB)
Canola Area (PDF 811KB)
Flaxseed Area (PDF 806KB)
Total Cattle and Calves (PDF 808KB)
Total Beef Cows (PDF 816KB)
Total Pigs (PDF 817KB)
Total Sheep (PDF 813KB)
Total Milk Cows (PDF 820KB)
Total Poultry (PDF 819KB)
Farms - Cash Receipts (PDF 807KB)
Average Farm Size (PDF 809KB)

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