Financial Assistance

Growing Innovation - Capacity and Knowledge Development


This initiative provides financial assistance to increase the scope and effectiveness of Manitoba's innovation support network. By supporting capacity to lead and implement innovation activities through the discovery, pre-adoption and technology transfer phases Manitoba's agriculture, agrifood and agriproduct sectors will positioned for capturing opportunities in the global market.

The program areas of focus include:

  • establishment, development and operation of initiatives that expand Manitoba's capacity for innovation
  • improvements in Manitoba's innovation support network including the aligning of networks with innovators in the agrifood industry
  • expansion of information gathering and interpretation capacity
  • investments in publicly or privately-held infrastructure used in the process of innovation


Eligible project proponent include:

  • agriculture producers
  • agribusinesses including co-operatives
  • Manitoba and Canadian agricultural organizations
  • research and development organizations
  • universities, colleges and associated Institutes

Project proponent must be in compliance with all Manitoba and Federal Government laws and regulations applicable to their operations.

Project proponent must also have a Premises Identification Number or an AccessManitoba client identification number. Contact your local MAFRD GO Office for help with these requirements.


The maximum government contribution is based on the funds requested and the funding priority as determined by MAFRD.

The scope of projects and initiatives that may qualify under this program is broad but will support Growing Forward 2 objectives by addressing industry needs with respect to agrifood productivity, profitability and sustainability. Projects and initiatives may target primary or secondary products as well as tertiary activities and the natural resource base of the sector.


  1. Interested parties are to contact a Growing Forward 2 Program Officer at to enter a pre-screening process and discuss your project. Note that in some cases an application will be initiated by MAFRD and a partner in the sector as identified either by the MAFRD advisory council, industry dialogue or as continuing initiatives.
  2. With the assistance of MAFRD staff, develop a workplan. Significant project and partnership development is expected to occur.
  3. Submit your workplan and supporting documentation to:

    Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (MAFRD)
    Box 1240, 810 Phillips Street
    Portage la Prairie MB R1N 3J9
    Fax: 204-239-3180
  4. Once all necessary information has been collected, workplans will be assessed and rated based on:
    • the merit of the proposed project
    • the project's potential to achieve the program objectives and goals
  5. If your workplan is approved, a dated approval letter will be issued to you. You will then be asked to enter into a Contribution Agreement with the Province of Manitoba.
  6. The Contribution Agreement will include a schedule detailing a payment and reporting process.
  7. It is your responsibility to get all necessary licences, permits and/or approvals before beginning your project. When you receive an approval letter, review the enclosed conditions of funding. If you have questions about the conditions, contact the Growing Forward 2 Program Officer for help.
  8. All eligible project costs must be incurred after the date listed in your approval letter. In-kind contributions that can be claimed by the project are detailed in Terms and Conditions (PDF 126 KB).
  9. An audit inspection of final work may occur before or after payment is received.

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare your application

  • Is your proposed project described fully and completely?
  • Did you clearly explain the project's benefits and do they meet the program's goal and objectives?
  • Do you have a protocol for measuring the performance of your innovation?
  • Did you include a plan to produce communication materials of the project results?
  • Have you considered all expenses associated with the project?

Terms and Conditions (PDF 126 KB)


Workplans are approved on a first come, first served basis until the program is fully subscribed.



How your application project proposal is rated and ranked

Project proposals will be assessed on their ability to contribute to:

  • increased ability of industry organizations to identify research gaps and move agriculture, agrifood or agriproducts industry forward
  • increased institutional research and innovation capacity
  • increased research and innovation capacity by agricultural producers

All projects will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • alignment with one or more of the Growing Forward 2 focus areas
  • alignment with one or more of the Growing Forward 2 outcomes
  • alignment with the definition/intent of capacity building funding
  • extent to which the project contributes to the capacity of the project proponent
  • project costs appear reasonable and in line with other similar work
  • a well-defined budget that is aligned to the work plan
  • demonstrated need/rational for the project
  • broad impact/benefit across the organization, collaboration and industry (where applicable)
  • project proponent demonstrates adequate resources, experience and skills to successfully complete the project