Crop Diagnostic Services

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Looking for help identifying diseases, weeds and insects of agricultural and horticultural crops?

Your local Manitoba Agriculture Office can help you diagnose the problem. For more complex issues, they can connect you to the laboratory services of the Crop Diagnostic Centre. 

Samples can be submitted at your local Manitoba Agriculture office or at the reception desk at 545 University Cresecent, Winnipeg, MB. When submitting, all samples need to be accompanied by a Crop Diagnostic submission form. The following forms are fillable and can be printed to include with your submission.

Insect-Weed Identification Form (136 KB pdf)

Disease-General Diagnostic Form (139 KB pdf)


*Legal land description or town location where the sample was collected, must be included on the form when submitting samples for analysis.  If location is not included, the sample will not be analyzed.


Crop Diagnostic School

To learn more about spotting problems in your fields, plan to attend the Crop Diagnostic School in your area this summer.


Horticulture School

The Horticulture School provides horticulture producers with learning opportunities to improve yield and quality of their fruit and vegetable crops.  This event is of interest to market gardeners, vegetable and fruit producers.



Pest Surveillance Initiative (PSI) is a project of the Manitoba Canola Growers Association and Manitoba Agriculture with funding from the Growing Forward 2-Growing Actions program. 
Visit the PSI Website
Unique analysis offered:
  • Soil testing using sensitive qPCR analysis suitable to detect the presence and amount of clubroot spores that may be present in your soil.
  • Kochia testing for glyphosate herbicide tolerance.


 Other Crop/Seed Diagnostic Labs in Manitoba

20/20 Seed Labs Inc. - 3489 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg, MB

Accu-Test Seed Lab - 2nd Ave E, Rivers, MB

SGS Biovision Seed Labs - Unit 2, 25 Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, MB

Integrity Seed Lab Ltd - 8040 Park Royal Way, Winnipeg, MB


For more information contact your local Manitoba Agriculture Office.