Horticulture School

 Thursday, August 3, 2017


The Horticulture School (formerly Horticulture Diagnostic School) is an annual event presented by Manitoba Agriculture (MB Ag), Agriculture Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) - Portage and Assiniboine Community College (ACC).  The school provides horticulture producers with learning opportunities to improve yield and quality of their crops.

High Tunnel irrigation
High Tunnel Entrance


This event is of interest to market gardeners, vegetable and fruit producers. It is a full day event requiring

The school provides a unique and comprehensive hands-on approach to learning:

  • Vegetable session;
    • High tunnel vegetable production extension/demonstrations
  • Use of biodegradable mulch in horticulture crop production
    •  Fruit session;
    •  Rhubarb variety trials
    •  High tunnel fruit production
  • Pathology session;
    • Disease identification and bio disease control options such as;
      • Late blight resistant tomatoes
      • Bio control agents
  • Entomolgy session;
    • Monitoring insects
    • Bio-control of instects
  • Soils session;
    • Budgeting for nutrients - determining fertility needs and fertilizer options (with a special focus on organic phosphorus sources).
  • Weed session;
    • Basic weed identification
    • Weed biology
soil/water erosion                        plant pathologist

Pre-registration is required, please call the Primary Agriculture Branch at 204-745-5660 or email.

  • Registration fee  is $30 per person (includes lunch and refreshments)
  • Location is at Agriculture Agri-Food Canada (formerly CMCDC), 370 River Rd, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
  • School will run rain or shine
  • Certified Crop Advisor credits are available for participants 
fertility presentation