Financial Assistance

Growing Competitiveness - Next Generation


This program provides funding for individual skill development and professional consulting services that enhance business management, including assessment, analysis, financial planning, risk management, marketing and leadership.


Agriculture producers who are between 18 and 39 years of age with demonstrated ownership in a business that is actively engaged in farming.

Applicants must:


Approved applicants will receive cost-shared funding up to a maximum amount for professional consulting services and skill development. The chart below outlines this information, which is also available in the Next Generation Catalogue (PDF 56 KB). Each practice code has a guide or list to help you understand what to explore and the types of eligible expenses are available in this program. 

Activity Category Practice Code Cost Share Ratio
(Gov to Applicant)
Category Cap

Professional Consulting Services

    Business Strategy Plan
    Business Structure Plan
    Direct Marketing Plan
    Financial Management Plan
    Human Resource Plan
    Production Economics Plan







Skill Development

    Video Conferences
    Post Secondary
    Workshops and Seminars








  1. Before you start your application, discuss your intended project with a Manitoba Agriculture Farm Business Management - Business Development Specialist for information and direction.
  2. Review the program Terms and Conditions (provided below) and the Next Generation Catalogue in advance of completing your application form. Download the application form provided below. Complete in full and attach any required documents.
  3. Submit your application and supporting documents electronically or to your Manitoba Agriculture Farm Business Management Business Development Specialist.
  4. When you receive an approval letter, review the enclosed conditions of funding. If you have questions about the conditions, contact the Growing Forward 2 Secretariat for help.
  5. All eligible project costs are detailed in the Next Generation Catalogue (PDF 56 KB) and must be incurred after the date listed in your approval letter.
  6. As you reach the milestones set out in your approval letter you must submit interim payment claims for the duration of the project, including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payment. Completed milestones must be claimed and submitted to the Growing Forward 2 Secretariat within 6 months of invoice date.
  7. Your interim expense claim(s) must be sent to the Growing Forward 2 Secretariat by the claim deadline(s) noted in your approval letter, or the approval will expire for that portion of the project.
  8. Once you have completed your project and met all program requirements as well as the conditions outlined in your approval letter (including the completion of an ending Gaining Ground Agribusiness assessment and financial analysis), you may now submit your final expense claim, including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payment.
  9. When you have met all the requirements and provided all information and documentation to Manitoba Agriculture, your final payment will be processed and sent to you.

E-Application Form (PDF 1.3 MB)

Terms and Conditions (PDF 203 KB)


Note: You must receive an approval letter from the program before you start your project. Applications for projects that were started before you received a project approval letter will not be accepted.


Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis until the program is fully subscribed.

2017 application dates are as follows: 

March 1, 2017

June 1, 2017

October 15, 2017

Applications are assessed following the deadlines based on whether the project meets program outcomes.


Manitoba Agriculture GO Office


Application Approval Process
Applications are reviewed and approved by Manitoba Agriculture. Information collected in the Application, Gaining Ground Agribusiness Assessment and Financial Analysis will be evaluated during the approval process. Representatives from Manitoba Agriculture and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada may be consulted to ensure that the applicant is legally operating in Manitoba and any funding requests meet all eligibility requirements.

General Restrictions
Once your application is approved, your assessment is completed and you have received your letter of approval from Manitoba Agriculture, there are some restrictions that apply to funding:

  • You must complete the identified items by the deadline specified in the schedule of milestones stated in your approval letter.
  • You must submit all expense claims to Manitoba Agriculture by the deadline(s) stated in your approval letter.
  • All requests for an extension of approved milestones must be submitted in writing to Manitoba Agriculture at least 30 days prior to the scheduled expenditure.

Skill Development Course Request Form
Applicants are encouraged to submit a request form (DOC 82 KB) for adding to the list of eligible courses for the Growing Competitiveness – Next Generation program. It is suggested that requests be made six weeks prior to the scheduled date for the course.