Financial Assistance

Growing Competitiveness - Agri-Extension



This program provides financial assistance for the development and delivery of group learning activities for knowledge sharing, information transfer, networking and partnership development amongst industry stakeholders; including resources, workshops, and symposia.


Eligible applicants include:

  • agricultural organizations and agribusinesses that represent and have a strategic initiative to further the competitiveness, innovation, adaptability and capacity of the Manitoba agriculture, agrifood and agriproduct industry

Applicants must also have an AccessManitoba client identification number. Contact your local Manitoba Agriculture GO Office for help with this requirement.



The chart below is a breakdown of the funding available, including activity categories and cost-share ratios.

Activity Category Cost-Share Ratio
(Government to Applicant)
Category Cap
Extension Events / Workshops / Symposia 75:25 $15,000
Training Tools / Resources / Publications 75:25 $75,000


  1. Review the program Terms and Conditions (provided below) in advance of completing your application form. Download the application form provided below. Complete in full and attach any required documents.

2.    Submit your electronic application form and all important supplementary documentation to  Once you hit SUBMIT on the form, if you are prompted with two options; please select the one that is applicable. Please ensure that you also save a copy to your hard drive. Please attach all required documents at this time and hit send. Please indicate your name, contact information and business/organization information that you are applying for in the body of the email.  Only electronic application forms will be accepted.

  1. When you receive an approval letter, review the enclosed conditions of funding. If you have questions about the conditions, contact the Manitoba Agriculture Growing Forward 2 Secretariat for help.
  2. All eligible project costs must be incurred after you receive your approval letter from Manitoba Agriculture outlining any specific considerations or requirements, completion date and claims submission date.
  3. Once your project is completed, you may submit a completed project claim, including itemized receipts or other acceptable proof of payment and your final report.
  4. Your claim must be sent to Manitoba Agriculture Growing Forward 2 Secretariat by the claim deadline noted in your approval letter.
  5. When you have met all the requirements and provided all information and documentation to Manitoba Agriculture Growing Forward 2 Secretariat, your payment will be processed and sent to you.

E-Application Form (PDF 2.17 MB)

Terms and Conditions (PDF 207 KB)

Note: You must receive an approval letter from the program before you start your project. Applications for projects that were started before you received a project approval letter will not be accepted.


NEW! August 1, 2017 - Note: At this time, the program is only accepting applications for Extension Events/Workshops/Symposia.