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This section describes the services of the Chief Veterinary Office (CVO) in protecting animals, food and people. Contact the CVO if you need specialized veterinary advice or if you suspect animals are suffering or have disease.

The About the CVO section explains the role of the CVO, describes the programs and activities conducted by the CVO and the laws and regulations it supports.

Visit the Animal Welfare section to learn more about the Animal Welfare Program, and how you can report a concern on the poor treatment of animals - on the farm, in the home and in commercial breeding and boarding facilities.

In the Animal Health section, producers can link to information on disease control and surveillance conducted by the CVO.  You can also find best practices for biosecurity and veterinary drug use.
The Emergency Preparedness page outlines how livestock producers and animal owners can plan for emergencies and evacuations before they occur.
The Traceability section explains how industry and government work together to build systems that can track any animal health, natural disaster or food safety emergency back to the source for quick, effective action.emergency back to the source for quick, effective action.
In Livestock, you can find veterinary diagnostic services and extension and advisory services related to production, programs, policies and regulations.