Humane Inspection Program

Rural Manitoba Statistics 2009

Total number of humane cases filed = 317

Percentage of Cases by:


Top 3 Species Reported

  • 38%: Canine
  • 23%: Equine
  • 15%: Bovine
Top 5 Concerns Section of the Animal Care Act
1. Fail to ensure adquate source of food and water for an animal 2 (1) (a)
2. Fail to provide an animal with reasonable protection from injurious  heat or cold 2 (1) (c)
3. Fail to provide adequate medical attention for an animal when it is wounded or ill.
2 (1) (b)
4. Inflict upon an animal acute suffering, serious injury or harm, or extreme anxiety or distress that  significantly impairs its health or well-being 
3 (1)
5. Confine an animal to an enclosure or area with unsanitary conditions, so as to significantly impair the animal's health or well-being
2 (1) (d) (ii)

For further information please refer to the Office of the Chief Veterinarian Contact List