Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)

Programs to Assist Manitoba Livestock Producers

The Manitoba government is working with our livestock producers to address the serious issues they are facing. Manitobans across the province have shown tremendous support for our farm families and are to be commended for their fundraising efforts and continued loyalty to Manitoba beef producers.

A National Issue

The BSE problem is a national issue. Manitoba has been lobbying for a national BSE strategy and for federal assistance for Canadian ruminant livestock producers. The province is also working with Ottawa in the effort to re-open the U.S. border completely to live animals. As border issues remain unresolved, a federal/provincial strategy has been developed to stabilize the industry, to strengthen markets and to give producers marketing flexibility.

Provincial BSE Programs

As part of the effort to reposition Manitoba ruminant industries, the province has participated in federal government BSE programs with $24 million in new provincial funding. The province has also made $26 million available to beef and ruminant producers through the Canadian Agricultural Income Stabilization (CAIS) Advance Program.

BSE Programs Previously Offered

More than $180 million in assistance has been available to Manitoba producers through a number of programs including:

  • Low Interest Loans: $100 million in low interest loans to help producers with cash flow challenges
  • Drought Assistance: $12 million to help producers with the added expense of shipping hay and straw
  • Slaughter Compensation Program: An additional $10 million in funding for producers faced with depressed slaughter prices
  • Agricultural Policy Framework (APF): The province committed $43 million to the income support portion of this federal/provincial program for producers

Previously Offered Programs included:

  • BSE Feeder Financing Initiative (MASC)
  • BSE Recovery Loan Program (MASC)
  • Canada-Manitoba BSE Recovery Program (CMBSERP)
  • Canada-Manitoba Fed Cattle Set-Aside Program
  • Canada-Manitoba Feeder Calf Set-Aside Program
  • Comprehensive Refinancing Program (MASC)
  • Manitoba BSE Feeder Assistance Program
  • Manitoba Cull Animal Program (MCAP) and Canada Cull Animal Program
  • Manitoba Drought Assistance Program (MDAP)
  • Manitoba Other Ruminant Industry Transitional Program
  • Manitoba Slaughter Deficiency Program (MSDP)

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